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# A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 
2017 Mega-Tin [MP17]
2018 Mega-Tin [MP18]
5DS Duelist Toolbox [5DS3]
5DS Starter Deck 2009 [5DS2]
5DS Starter Deck [5DS1]
Absolute Powerforce [ABPF]
Abyss Rising [ABYR]
Ancient Prophecy [ANPR]
Ancient Sanctuary [AST]
Astral Pack 01 [AP01]
Astral Pack 02 [AP02]
Astral Pack 03 [AP03]
Astral Pack 04 [AP04]
Astral Pack 05 [AP05]
Astral Pack 06 [AP06]
Astral Pack 07 [AP07]
Astral Pack 08 [AP08]
Battle Pack 2: Round 2 [BW02]
Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants [BP02]
Battle Pack 3: Monster League [BP03]
Battle Pack Prize [BATT]
Battle Pack: Epic Dawn [BP01]
Battles of Legend: Light's Revenge [BLLR]
Battles of Legend: Relentless Revenge [BLRR]
Breakers of Shadow [BOSH]
Champion Packs
Circuit Break [CIBR]
Clash of Rebellions [CORE]
Code of the Duelist [CODT]
Collectible Tins
Cosmo Blazer [CBLZ]
Crimson Crisis [CRMS]
Crossed Souls [CROS]
Crossroads of Chaos [CSOC]
CyberDark Impact [CDIP]
Cybernetic Horizon [CYHO] 
Cybernetic Revolution [CRV]
Dark Beginnings 1 [DB1]
Dark Begginings 2 [DB2]
Dark Crisis [DCR]
Dark Legends [DLG1]
Dark Revelations Vol 1 [DR1]
Dark Revelations Vol 2 [DR2]
Dark Revelations Vol 3 [DR3]
Dark Revelations Vol 4 [DR4]
Dark Saviors [DASA] 
Demo Pack [DEM1]
Destiny Soldiers [DESO]
Dimensions of Chaos [DOCS]
Dragon of Legend [DRLG]
Dragon of Legend 2 [DRL2]
Dragons of Legend: Unleashed [DRL3]
Duelist Alliance [DUEA]
Duelist League 2010 [DL09]
Duelist League 2011 [DL11]
Duelist League 2015 [DL15]
Duelist Pack: Aster Phoenix [DP05]
Duelist Pack: Battle City [DPBC]
Duelist Pack: Chazz Princeton [DP2]
Duelist Pack: Crow Hogan [DP11]
Duelist Pack: Dimensional Guardians [DPDG]
Duelist Pack: Jaden Yuki 1 [DP1]
Duelist Pack: Jaden Yuki 2 [DP03]
Duelist Pack: Jaden Yuki 3 [DP06]
Duelist Pack: Jesse Anderson [DP07]
Duelist Pack: Kaiba Seto [DPKB]
Duelist Pack: Rivals of the Pharaoh [DPRP]
Duelist Pack: Special Edition [DPK]
Duelist Pack: Yugi Muto [DPYG]
Duelist Pack: Yusei Fudo [DP08]
Duelist Pack: Yusei Fudo 2 [DP09]
Duelist Pack: Yusei Fudo 3 [DP10]
Duelist Pack: Zane Truesdale [DP04]
Duelist Revolution [DREV]
Duelist Saga [DUSA]
Elemental Energy [EEN]
Enemy of Justice [EOJ]
Extreme Force [EXFO]
Extreme Victory [EXVC] 
Flames of Destruction [FLOD]
Flaming Eternity [FET]
Force of the Breaker [FOTB]
Fusion Enforcers [FUEN]
Galactic Overlord [GAOV]
Generation Force [GENF]
Gladiator's Assault [GLAS]
Gold Series 1 [GLD1]
Gold Series 2 [GLD2]
Gold Series 3 [GLD3]
Gold Series 4 [GLD4]
Gold Series 5 [GLD5]
Hidden Arsenal 1 [HA01]
Hidden Arsenal 2 [HA02]
Hidden Arsenal 3 [HA03]
Hidden Arsenal 4 [HA04]
Hidden Arsenal 5 [HA05]
Hidden Arsenal 6 [HA06]
Hidden Arsenal 7 [HA07]
Hidden Summoners [HISU]
High-Speed Riders [HSRD]
Invasion of Chaos [IOC]
Invasion: Vengeance [INOV]
Judgment of the Light [JOTL]
Labyrinth of Nightmare [LON]
Latas Colecionáveis
LC 2: Duel Academy Years [LCGX] 
LC 3: Yugi's World [LCYW]
LC 4: Joey's World [LCJW]
Legacy of Darkness [LOD]
Legacy of the Valiant [LVAL]
Legendary Collection 1 [LC01]
Legendary Collection 2 [LC02]
Legendary Collection 3 [LC03]
Legendary Collection 4 [LC04]
Legendary Collection 5Ds [LC5D]
Legendary Collection Kaiba [LCKC]
Legendary Decks 2 [LDK2]
Legendary Dragon Deck [LEDD]
Legendary Duelist [LEDU]
Legendary Duelists: Ancient Millennium [LED2]
Legendary Duelists: White Dragon Abyss [LED3]
Legendary Duelists: Sisters of the Rose [LED4]
Legendary Hero Decks [LEHD]
Legends of Blue Eyes White Dragon [LOB]
Light of Destruction [LODT]
Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy [LTGY]
Magic Ruler [MRL] 
Magician's Force [MFC] 
Maximum Crisis [MACR] 
Mega Pack 2014 [MP14] 
Mega Pack 2015 [MP15] 
Mega Pack 2016 [MP16]
Metal Rider [MRD] 
Millennium Pack [MIL1]
Noble Knights of the Round Table [NKRT]
Number Hunter [NUMH]
Order of Chaos [ORCS] 
Pendulum Evolution [PEVO] 
Phantom Darkness [PTDN]
Pharaoh's Servant [PSV] 
Pharaonic Guardian [PGD]
Photon Shockwave [PHSW] 
Power of the Duelist [POTD]
Premium Gold [PGLD] 
Premium Gold: Infinite Gold [PGL3] 
Premium Gold: Return of the Bling [PGL2] 
Premium Pack 1 [PP01] 
Premium Pack 2 [PP02] 
Primal Origin [PRIO] 
Promos Diversas 
Ra Yellow Mega Pack [RYMP]
Raging Battle [RGBT] 
Raging Tempest [RATE] 
Retro Pack 1 [RP01] 
Retro Pack 2 [RP02] 
Return of the Duelist [REDU] 
Rise of Destiny [RDS] 
Savage Strike [SAST]
SD: Blaze of Destruction [SD3]
SD: Cyber Dragon Revolution [SDCR]
SD: Cyberse Link [SDCL] 
SD: Dark Emperor [SDDE] 
SD: Dawn of the XYZ [YS11] 
SD: Dinosaur's Rage [SD9] 
SD: Dinosmasher's Fury [SR04] 
SD: Dragons Collide [SDDC]
SD: Dragons Roar [SD1] 
SD: Dragunity Legion [SDDL]
SD: Emperor of Darkness [SR01] 
SD: Fury from the Deep [SD4] 
SD: Gates from the Underworld [SDGU]
SD: Geargia Rampage [SDGR] 
SD: HERO Strike [SDHS] 
SD: Invincible Fortress [SD7] 
SD: Jaden Yuki [YSDJ] 
SD: Joey [SDJ] 
SD: Kaiba [SDK] 
SD: Kaiba Evolution [SKE] 
SD: Kaiba Reloaded [YSKR] 
SD: Lair of Darkness [SR06]
SD: Lord of the Storm [SD8] 
SD: Lost Sanctuary [SDLS]
SD: Machina Mayhem [SDMM] 
SD: Machine Reactor [SR03] 
SD: Machine Revolt [SD10]
SD: Marik [SDMA] 
SD: Master of Pendulum [SDMP] 
SD: Onslaught of the Fire Kings [SDOK] 
SD: Pegasus [SDP] 
SD: Pendulum Domination [SDPD] 
SD: Powercode Link [SDPL]
SD: Realm of Light [SDLI] 
SD: Realm of the Sea Emperor [SDRE] 
SD: Rise of the Dragon Lords [SDRL] 
SD: Rise of the True Dragons [SR02] 
SD: Saga of Blue-Eyes White Dragon [SDBE]
SD: Samurai Warlords [SDWA]
SD: Seto Kaiba [SDKS] 
SD: Spellcaster's Command [SDSC] 
SD: Spellcaster's Judgment [SD6]
SD: Starter Deck Codebreaker [YS18]
SD: Starter Deck Link Strike [YS17] 
SD: Starter Deck Yuya [YS16] 
SD: Synchron Extreme [SDSE] 
SD: Syrus Truesdale [YSDS] 
SD: Warrior's Strike [SDWS] 
SD: Warrior's Triumph [SD5] 
SD: Wave of Light [SR05] 
SD: XYZ Symphony [YS12] 
SD: Yugi [SDY] 
SD: Yugi Evolution [SYE]
SD: Yugi Muto [SDMY] 
SD: Yugi Reloaded [YSYR] 
SD: Zombie Madness [SD2] 
SD: Zombie World [SDZW] 
Secrets of Eternity [SECE]
Shadow of Infinity [SOI] 
Shadow Specters [SHSP] 
Shadows over Valhalla [SHVA]
Shinning Victories [SHVI] 
Soul of Fusion [SOFU]
Soul of Duelist [SOD] 
Space-Time Showdown [YS14] 
Spirit Warriors [SPWA] 
Star Pack 2013 [SP13] 
Star Pack 2014 [SP14]
Star Pack Arc-V [SP15]
Star Pack  Battle Royal [SP17] 
Star Pack VRAINS [SP18]
Stardust Overdrive [SOVR]
Starstrike Blast [STBL]
Starter Deck 2006 [YSD] 
Storm of Ragnarok [STOR] 
Strike of Neos [STON] 
Tactical Evolution [TAEV]
The Dark Illusion [TDIL]
The Dark Side of Dimensions: Movie Pack [MVP1]
The Duelist Genesis [TDGS] 
The Lost Millenium [TLM] 
The New Challengers [NECH]
The Pharaoh's Deck [YGLD]
The Secret Forces [THSF] 
The Shining Darkness [THSD] 
Tournament Pack 1 [TP1] 
Tournament Pack 3 [TP3] 
Tournament Pack 4 [TP4]
Tournament Pack 6 [TP6]
Tournament Pack 7 [TP7]
Turbo Pack 1 [TU01]
Turbo Pack 2 [TU02]
Turbo Pack 3 [TU03]
Turbo Pack 4 [TU04]
Turbo Pack 5 [TU05]
Turbo Pack 6 [TU06]
Turbo Pack 7 [TU07] 
Turbo Pack 8 [TU08]
V for Victory [YS13] 
War of the Giants: Reinforcements [WGRT]
Wing Raiders [WIRA]
World Superstars [WSUP]
Yugi Battle City [YGLD]
Yugi First Season [YGLD]